Michael Maven

Michael Maven

Author. Coach. Speaker & Trainer. Business Development & Growth Expert - Carter & Kingsley.

Building High Level Profit Growth Strategies for Investor Portfolios & Business Owners.

I first learnt the power of strong sales copy in 1999, during university - but not through the Statistics & Operational Research course I was enrolled to study.

I began using the internet to source sale-price items and re-sell them for a profit.

A few months later, and tired of the low profit margins, I saw other sellers that were selling digital information packs. Attracted by the high margins, I bought a few and decided I could provide a much better service.

After lengthy time spent researching and creating new and improved digital items, I decided to sell them at a slightly higher price then the competition.

I sold a few, but not as much as my competitors who were selling lots of copies a day (and who I knew had inferior products). But why? I was determined to find out…

After stumbling across a copy writing course, I was soon doubling my sales prices for the exact same items which I couldn't previously sell.

It was here when I became fascinated by the marketing and advertising copy, used to sell goods to consumers. With no marketing experience, I studied the best sellers online. I sat through hundreds of hours of obsessive trial and error to discover how to increase sales of my own digital items.

Profits soon grew to overtake the average workers annual salary in London. On top of that, the maintenance, delivery and support for the digital items only took one hour a day, after I was finished at university. I was hooked.

Although my online digital auctions didn’t last long, I saw the potential of smart marketing. I went on to teach myself a range of web publishing and marketing skills, and my love for marketing was born…

I grew and went on to be a full time affiliate marketer for almost 10 years. I also developed my own educational products to sell (with my own affiliates).

One strategy I learnt from was controlling the distribution of my teaching materials. I always included affiliate links in my products, but sold the products for an additional price too. But when I lowered the front end price, I actually ended up generating more revenue from the internal affiliate product sales. But it took a custom built and 'time tested' process to make sure the quality of the customer is not compromised. The unique system I used to optimise this process formed the basis of, what is today called, the SafetyWin Model®.

During my time as an affiliate, I also created a highly sophisticated customer acquisition and retention system, for measured sales growth (see it at www.catchandretain.com ). We now sell that customer acquisition and retention system to companies who are interested in measurably growing their own sales.

Today, I've been lucky enough to work with and learn from some of the worlds smartest marketers and tech firms doing multi million dollar sales figures annually.

I am now fully working within the world of 100% 'results driven' and measurable direct response marketing, sales and advertising strategies.

I currently help to build these high level and 'bespoke' profit growth strategies for venture capitalist portfolios, investors and business owners via the firm Carter & Kingsley.

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